Eliasson, Olafur


Your Rainbow Panorama, 2006-2011, ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum, Denmark

Photos by Ole Pedersen & Studio

“Your Rainbow Panorama” uses architecture as a “vision machine” to directly address the viewer’s perception of public spaces – here museum and city spaces. The glass panorama provides a colour transparency through which the viewer can see / experience the city and themself in a different “light”.

From Artist’s Statement:

“A city is a cosmos, a site for social encounters and cohabitation. A museum is a vision machine that challenges our senses, thoughts, and felt opinions. The public, you, is a barometer of the world. You mould as much as you receive.

I think of Your rainbow panorama as a mediator that forges relations between these three: you, ARoS, and the city of Aarhus. It is a vehicle for looking anew, which frames views and frames you as you proceed through the seamless walkway of subtly transforming colour atmospheres. What you experience may be of both panoramic scope and introspective quality – you may see yourself seeing. Sometimes alone, mostly with others.”

How it works:

“I see Your rainbow panorama as an orientation tool. Dividing Aarhus into colour zones, it has the qualities of a lighthouse…”

“The continuous curve limits your view to about twenty meters ahead, revealing one colour shade after the other. The intimacy created by this short distance is reflected back on the moving bodies.”

“What you know from the street then emerges from above as strangely real, in a continuous interplay of colour saturation and desaturation. Suspended between the city and the sky, this viewing platform insists on your sensory engagement. You feel the view. Perhaps your memory of the art collections below, through which you just made your way, infiltrate your experience.”

For more information on this installation and other installations by Eliasson:



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